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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 18 2017 Compiled 12:10 am EDT 18 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Friday, August 18, 2017

GCR/RV Humor (As We Accept) - 8.18.17



Sananda: Now is the Time for Expansion

This message was anonymously submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

This is Sananda and I give you my greetings this day. I hope all of you are feeling very blessed at this new development in the history of man, because it is a time of a new release of energy which is accelerating the learning and development of man’s spirituality. There is a great expansion of consciousness at this time. I am sure that you are aware that you are being given help in accepting the news of the ascension of man. Think of how it will be in future days from five years from on generally speaking – it is difficult to be exact on this date, but we are sure of the approximation of the date. From then onwards there will be no transition of death or suffering of any kind. Mankind will be spared this and he will be immortal as such, without the transition, which I went through, or the suffering that I went through for mankind at that time as Jesus the Christ. All of you will have a new reality, which has always been there but has been veiled by illusion or materialism.

The physical world is real to you whilst you are incarnating, and yet your inner spiritual life is the true reality, which has existed over the millennia since man first incarnated upon the Earth. That spiritual life which has always been there within you, and which some are completely aware of and has always been there within you, and which some are completely aware of and have nourished, fulfilling their evolvement of the soul, but there are very many who have not done so. Perhaps some of them are good people but are unaware of the importance of their spirituality – they will be helped through this time and you can guide them. This is part of your evolvement – to be helpers, teachers and guides once you have crossed the threshold of light and transmuted into the fifth dimension, returning to help those who are setting out on the path to pass into their true reality so that they too are ready to ascend.

There will be three waves as I have said during this time and so the first ones – those of you on the path – those who have awakened out of their dream the 144,000 who awakened to their responsibility at the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 – many of you discovered the true reality, and many energies have been pouring into the Earth since then. That gateway was opened when many of you helped to create this gateway by appearing at significant points upon the Earth at dawn and other times over that weekend. These energies have been working on you and all mankind attempting to help you recognise what you are about to do and what your task is at this time of incarnation. It was a time that you chose to be upon the Earth, and many of you have now taken this to heart and are serving God and mankind. Attempting to raise your consciousness and meditating twice daily as has been suggested – bringing down the Christ Light into the Earth, and filling yourselves with the light. As you know I have mentioned this in previous communications.

Spread these words to all who are ready to accept them. They must have open minds and hearts in order to receive, but I feel sure that within the next few years many more will have awakened in their true reality. There is much to be done at this time. It is a time of great exhilaration and excitement for those who have recognised what is about to occur. You have recognised that this is an historic time in the life of humanity, and I am sure that as these energies continue with their work within you and within the Earth that the changes will come about smoothly and easily. You are aware that when your moment comes to pass into the fifth dimension that you will see a lighted doorway and when ready, join with others who are ready to pass through that threshold of light.

Probably you have been attempting to envisage this lighted doorway, which will help you when the time comes. You have been using visualisations of various kinds, and in this way it helps you to be relaxed and ready to accept your new reality. I know that many of you wish to pass through the doorway together and if you meditate together this will occur at the right time for all of you. Some few of you have already passed into that doorway and are existing on two dimensions – the third and fifth. Those who have been aware of this incarnation and accepted it some time ago have already passed over that threshold and are helping others to understand what is to occur. I know that those who have done so are impatient and eagerly awaiting the transference of their friends and relations and any who are on the spiritual path to join them in this new life.

There is so much to look forward to for mankind in future days – I have told you that you will be able to cause miracles to occur particularly in healing, and this is what we are expecting from all of you. That you will wish to help others through this transition and at times when people are suffering you will be able to relieve their symptoms in a much more powerful way that previously. There will be an authority about you that you have never had previously – which very few men and women have had in the past, because you will have abilities which are beyond your ken. Beyond the average ability of anyone incarnating at this time apart form those who have already passed over that threshold of light.
I experienced this capability when I became The Christ when I was incarnating as Jesus, but you too as I have said before will be Christed ones. Once you have recognised this you will be ready to become powerful and capable beings of light.

What is necessary at this time is for you to have faith and patience, and the confidence to know that you are being helped by other beings of light through this time. You have your Guide and your Guardian Angel with you always, and all of us within this group of beings of light – myself Sananda, the Master R or Comte de Saint Germain (they are one and the same being – just incarnating at different times), Michael, Gabriel, Ashtar and so many others. We the Ascended Masters are the White Brotherhood – it is another name for us but we are one and the same – all of us are helping mankind through this transition and we will only wish for you to open your minds and hearts to everything that will be occurring and make it easier for yourselves to pass into this new dimension of being.

As I have said before, energy and light are pouring into the Earth from the heavens above at this time and the more that you accentuate this light by bringing it down through you into the centre of the Earth and root it there – the more you will be helping to accelerate the Earth to accept these energies and make it easy for the Earth herself to pass through this transition stage into the fifth dimension also, so that there will not be too much turmoil and devastation. The devastation will be occurring more in the areas where there is violence, greed and lust for power, so do not concern yourselves unduly about changes within the Earth because you will be cared for and protected and your loved ones too.

The time of awakening is now. Put your trust in God and allow yourself to expand in your consciousness – do not restrict yourselves – visualise with a new awareness what your capabilities will be. Your consciousness will be boundless and you will be able to link with the Universal Mind and with all those who link with it, so that you will receive all knowledge. You will know the wisdom of the Ancients and you will be able to achieve greatness – not for yourselves individually, but for all humankind and all who are within the cradle of humanity. Those who are dependent on you – everything upon the Earth will be cared for by you and others like you. Everything that lives upon the Earth is in that cradle, and the God within you will expand and you will have that unconditional love which you have been attempting to achieve for so long.

I will be with you always.
I give you my blessing this day. Sananda.

Diane Canfield: Intense GeoStorm While Still in Eclipse Gateway

Solar Wind Increases Causing Intense GeoStorm Spike While Still in the Eclipse Gateway Leading to the Equinox Portal

August 17, 2017
by Diane Canfield

By Diane Canfield


Today Solar wind has increased causing an Intense Spike in GeoStorms. This is happening while we are still in the Eclipse Gateway and headed for the Equinox Gateway soon.

Last night I experienced Intense crown chakra activations around the crown of my head. This will feel like tingles and goosebumps on the crown chakra. I went online last night to see if any geostorms had picked up and they had not although I felt they were coming. Then this morning I checked again and Intense Spikes had occurred. This was a Precognitionknowing BEFORE the storms had started. This has happened to me many times in the past and I have written about it in my articles. Pay attention to any out of the ordinary sensations and then look for confirmation they may be occurring.

We will ALWAYS need to be Super tuned into energy to feel these things upgraded ENERGIES occurring. When we are tuned in, we know when the upgrades are about to occur because we can feel them ahead of time.

The first step in the evolution of Woman/Man kind is to be able to FEEL these energies when they are occurring. The energies can feel completely different from one time to the next depending on what stream of energy consciousness upgrades are taking place. It will get the point that you will know something is occurring because you have felt this way before. This is when you know you are making progress with the Energies. Although the energies can change, many times they will stay the same depending on what kind of energy is coming in and for what purpose.


One way to know you are making progress in Ascension is when you have honored your feelings enough to put them first and foremost ALL the time. They are the Gateway to the higher realms.

This week in the gateway many psychic occurences have taken place for me. There are usually too many for me to talk about all the time but I do mention them when they pick up or they are unusual.

I have seen many spirit animals around my feet for the past two weeks.I can just make them out and then they are gone. This is very common for the spirit world as they can not hold this frequency long in this dense dimension.

I have also seen an entry point to another dimension in my bedroom. I will talk about this more in an upcoming article as I will need to go into a LOT more detail to explain what it was and the importance of it. Just know it occurred in this very important gateway we are in between eclipses.

Geostorms can cause many symptoms that come in during the time of the Storms. Look for not sleeping well even though fatigued, needing extra water, blurry vision and hot flashes. These are only a few of the things that can occur during the DNA upgrades.

These last few days I have been super hungry and this is not related to the geo storms but instead the Eclipse Gateway. Timeline slips the past few weeks also taking place where I have completely lost sense of days as well as time changes perceived as time speeding up. We are still being upgraded in this gateway each and every day. Once this gateway closes a new gateway opens the Equinox gateway between the Eclipse and the September 22 Equinox.

Remember during any high energy surge, we must ground, drink extra water and pay very close attention to how we FEEL. Paying very close attention to feelings may be very hard for those still immersed in the 3D way of life, yet this is the pathway to Higher Consciousness. This is the Portal to 12D and all things PSYCHIC. Psychic abilities are the pathway to Ascension and the higher dimensions.

I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included

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Daily Teachings of the Masters for August 17, 2017

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Thursday, August 17, 2017

You are understanding the powers that you possess.

Up until now, you have been a lackadaisical and a little haphazard
in making these discoveries.

As if you were throwing stones idly in a pond.

Sometimes they would skim the water,

sometimes not so much.

Make it a habit to stay on track now.

To return again and again to the world beyond form.

What you want to do is reach a little further now.

To remember that there are awarenesses

beyond your normal conventional way of seeing.

You are coming to a place of truly understanding

the powers that you possess.

And so it is.

Mike Quisey's Higher Self Message for August 18, 2017

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 18 August 2017

AUG 17 2017

Be assured that everything is proceeding well in spite of the outer appearances. The new energies are becoming established, and in consequence the old ones are struggling to maintain a place upon Earth. It is like a battle to survive except that the old energies have had their day and losing their power to continue existing, and eventually will die away. It is very much how it is with the negative energies that the Illuminati and their minions depend upon for their continuing existence, which is why they perpetrate fear by their actions. However, they are losing their power bit by bit and are no longer able to control you as before. The campaign to remove them in a way that denies them continual power over you is succeeding, and quietly with little publicity the Forces of Light have become the dominant force for good. It means that it will not be too long before it will be safe to go ahead and introduce the many innovations that will lift up your quality of life.

Everything is alive with energy and in reality nothing can stand still for long, and are driven by the higher energies that are lifting you up to a new level leading to Ascension. Therefore no one can predict exactly when it will occur but it is very near, and nothing can now stop it from manifesting. So you can live day to day with the assurance that whatever happens around you the future is now certain and only God could alter the outcome. Things will remain rather hectic and seem a complete muddle, but as it settles down you will see positive signs of where your future is taking you. For your part you can help keep a level of peace by continually sending out your Love and Light. Be assured you are much more powerful than you imagine and should never feel that your contribution is making little or no difference. It would after all only take a minority sending out pure love to change the world.

As time passes you are going to hear or read about many changes that are coming, so please keep an open mind at all times and be ready to accept a greater meaning to life than you might have already accepted. Evolution cannot be fast tracked and is often set to a slower pace that allows souls more time to grasp the meaning of the messages being given. However, a time is coming when effectively time will have run out for those lagging behind, but it will not be held against them. Help is always on hand and you can be assured that every effort is made to raise the consciousness of as many souls as possible. It is not easy as it takes much dedication and determination to help souls rise up. However, no one is given up as a lost cause except that they refuse help and are therefore the architects of their own demise.

You understandably wonder about the immediate future, and having been given information as to what you should expect are partially prepared. However, nothing could really prepare you for the great leap forward, as though times will be entirely different to what you are used to now. Even your life span will increase in the higher vibrations and your potential if you should choose it, is to eventually live for several hundred years. You would immediately wonder about aging, but you would remain in a mature body that was always healthy. Perhaps the most welcome change will be a return to a twelve Chakra system that you had until it was reduced to just two only by Enlil. Enlil and Enki were an important part of your recent history and responsible for many major changes including the Great Flood. Enki who cared more about the people, planted a latent DNA coding within you that would activate at a much later time. That time will be when you ascend and once more become Galactic Beings.

In your position where the truth of your history has been deliberately held back, it is very difficult for you to comprehend exactly what changes are going to take place. You will certainly make up for lost time and quickly receive the benefits of advancements and changes that have been held back. The result is that you have been left in the dark where the truth about your potential to become Galactic Beings has been kept from you. You have also been kept from benefitting from new discoveries that have been hidden from you whilst the Illuminati have taken full advantage of them. However, you will eventually receive them and they will quickly come into being when the dark Ones can no longer interfere with your future. In the wider sense it was foreseen that you would have to go through many years of learning, but also realised that given time many more of you would at last ascend.

You have to remember that Humankind was given freewill, and no one is allowed to interfere with your choices. So now that you are well on the way to Ascension, it is you Dear Ones who can take the credit for such a remarkable achievement. There is happiness and celebrations in the higher realms where it is seen for what it is, and an appreciation of how your determination has carried you through some tough situations. You will be all the stronger for your experiences and well qualified to help others who are following in your footsteps.

Archaeological finds are dramatically altering your ideas of your true history. It is becoming very apparent that many variations of Man have existed, and evident from the many skeletal remains that have been unearthed over the last century. Clearly there has been a cover up of your true history to prevent you from realising how it really was, and to stop you finding out your true heritage. It is only now that you are beginning to understand what a great potential you have, and a destiny that will return you to the great heights that you can hardly begin to imagine. All of that will change very soon as the truth cannot be held back much longer, and already it is being revealed.

The truth is almost too hard for some to believe so be of an open mind when it starts to be revealed, because at times it will sound unbelievable. The proof of your true history is being uncovered almost every day, but there is still some reluctance to make it become known publicly. When it does it will hit certain religious beliefs very hard, but by cutting out teachings that do not fully reflect the truth, it will make them much easier to understand. Of course the Church will still have a role to play and many people will still turn to them for their guidance. Personal beliefs are something you carry until you are confronted by yet a greater truth, and you will then refresh your understanding accordingly. There are however many advanced souls who have come to Earth specifically to spread the truth, and already have an understanding of how best to convey it to you in a way that it will be understand.

Much love is coming to you from the higher realms and you deserve all praise for your achievements that are fully understood. Much has been done through personal sacrifice, and one day you will receive thanks from all those you have helped. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 18 2017

Compiled 12:10 am EDT 18 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Aug. 17 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Starting Tues. Aug. 15 Iraq has had open borders between Iraq and Saudi Arabia with trading going on. That can't happen unless you have a internationally recognized rate.

2. Starting today Thurs. Aug. 17 there would be a three day holiday in Iraq (celebrating the new Dinar rate).

3. In Iraq 28,000 ATMs with the lower Dinar denominations were activated at 9 am this morning Aug. 17, with the rest expected to be active by Sunday Aug. 20.

4. The Iraqi Dinar rates have been populating and trading up until a couple of days ago when it reached it's expected solid rate.

5. Today Aug. 17 in Iraq all the contractors were paid both present and back pay at the new Dinar rate.

6. The solid Iraqi Dinar rate was believed to be above $16.00.

7. On Sat. Aug. 19 at 12:30 am EDT the new Dinar rate was expected to be published in the Iraqi Gazette.

8. Out West thousands of exchange backlog SKRs were activated today Aug. 17. The core groups have been completed.

9. AIIB and HSBC have communicated with each other and are ready to go. China has asked that our US Treasury move forward.

10. The Tier 4 Internet group should begin exchanging between now and Sunday night Aug. 20.

11. The general public should begin exchanging by Sept. 6. All in Tier 4 should be exchanged by Sept. 6.

B. Aug. 17 2017 1:43 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Vice" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 17, 2017

Refer to Aug. 7 Intel Report where the RV Window was set between Aug. 7 to 21: "Window" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - August 7, 2017

1. All major world decisions (related to the global economy/RV) have been made based on astrological events.

2. Recently there was a rise in senseless violence and endless hate-filled rhetoric globally. Constantly. On purpose. The cabal was throwing pebbles at tanks in these final hours.

3. While most minions had long accepted a side hustle versus running the world anymore, there were a few scorpions who felt a desire to force chaos into the face of complete destruction.

4. Though, it's so over for evil. Beyond over. Sobeit.

5. Hong Kong private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
London private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
Zurich private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
Lichtenstein private banks were open for business, less TRNs.

6. AIIB was open for business. All currencies.

7. IMF was open for business thanks to AIIB. All currencies.

8. HSBC was not yet open for business. Any currencies.

9. The Republic Treasury was not yet open for business. Period. Not until Oct. 1, 2017 when it would start printing new gold backed USN.

10. The ZIM has been confirmed to open at an exchange rate of 1:1 equal with the TRN.

11. Keep watching Special Prosector Bob Mueller, who holds a match that lights a global torch for the end of all Cabal governments, beginning with Trump, BiBi and Poroshenko.

12. Another marine was placed into power. Interesting how Dunford choose marines to make this all go. Trusted. Proved. Righteous warriors.

13. Tidbit: Stop looking for rates to change. They will gradually slide, not blink, into new value overnight.

14. If you knew about the RV and got the 800#, you could redeem for higher private rates that would be seen by bank personnel only. The public would never see those, as it would cause a dangerous market shock.

16. Another tidbit: Please let the whole TDA drama go. It's a needless distraction based on an illusion that has been rectified in the back of the bank already. Meaning, all your bills have long been paid off - forever. Just let it be so and stop forcing the past to become the future. It never will. Save your energy.

17. Yet a third tidbit: Don't make any major purchases until after the new year circa Jan. 1, 2018, then go for it. It'll save you a lot of quick trigger, sugar high "I'm rich bitch!" mistakes you'll have to unwind later.

18. This weekend President Trump would be at Camp David, or so they said. Wink. Wink.

19. Interesting how both he and VP Mike Pence would be huddled together under military lock and key, while Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse would literally disappear off the planet. Nobody knows where these Republic leaders are, or may be heading for the weekend. Poof. Gone. Also on purpose.

20. My apologies for being dead wrong about the RV and impeachment dates, but structurally we got it right.

21. This included limitless sovereign rate exchanges for ZIM if anyone desired to heal the soul of the world as a human angel - together dispersing permanent mercy globally.

22. There's a sweet digital homepage being built for you and your people 24/7. Thanks Showme. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. Pure.

23. To join the mercy movement (humanitarian project funding) or to receive the Tetelestai 800# notification, please sign up at God is with us.

C. Aug. 17 2017 12:42 pm EDT Update Dinar Chronicles: Website Update - Very Quiet Recently

1. I'm sure many of you have noticed that intel has been awfully quiet recently. All of my sources have gone dark. I believe this to be a sign.

2. It appears that we are at the very end of this shadow war between New Powers That Be and the Cabal.

3. The reason why there is currently radio silence could be that any info coming out could be sensitive and aid the Cabal.

4. Perhaps the NPTB sting operation has finally ended, plus final moves to checkmate are in play.

5. We see the Cabal attempt to cause another "9/11" with a North Korea attack on Guam. I believe that failed attempt was their very last chance to delay the inevitable.

6. Dunford is in China receiving his final instructions.

7. It's over Cabal. We win. The flag has been raised over the Reichstag.

8. We may very well see our blessing shortly.

D. Aug. 17 2017 TNT Chat:

1. Dr. MJ Randy: The Iraqi Government stated that their nations currency would be going up in value between Aug. 17th and the 22nd.

2. Okrocks: Remember Okie said that (Aug. 16 6pm to Aug. 17 9am) was to be the "Official Start" and it was not when we would be in the banks. We wait our turn like always but I do like the words "Official Start." I had heard it before. How to reach us is anyone's guess.

3. Yada: Okrocks kind of touched on that yesterday Aug. 16 - that the levels above us are already engaging. For us, the final release would appear last.

4. RVAlready: I presume it meant Treasury to release funds for banks.

5. Highhopes: Okie did say he was told RV “would start” between the hours of 6 pm last night and 9AM today” and maybe it did “start” and maybe we won’t see it it until its “finished”?

E. Aug. 17 2017 12:23 pm EDT TNT Bank Story, Authorsamoliver: Bank Story from TNT Authorsamoliver 8-16-17

Today Aug. 17, I went into my bank to talk with my banker friend that I went to high school with and buy some VND. She was busy, but the younger Banker/Manager was free. I try to avoid her if I can because she refuses to talk much about currencies with me.

So, I simply started talking with her about the Egyptian Pound that is floating right now upwards. It is on a float. And, I moved our conversation to the dong being tested in the system these last couple of days. She kept looking down. I just kept talking with her about how it seems these currencies are always being tested after hours, so we cannot exchange them. She kept looking down.

I, then, proceeded to place my order on the VND, but I made a mistake and said how much is the Iraqi Dinar today before I buy it. I realized that I had made a mistake in my wording, but she began to look it up on the computer.

She told me these words, "it's not here yet." She is young, very young to be a manager in my estimation, but she is very smart. I can tell. She knows more than she lets on.

Well, she noticed what she said and looked up at me with her mouth slightly open as if caught in something and looked down again. She quickly moved the conversation back to the dong. How much VND are you wanting to buy today? It was all I could do to keep from laughing folks. She didn't mean to tell me what she did, but she did say those words "it's not here yet." And, she looked for it on her computer screen. Hmmm. I should have asked her when she expected to receive her Dinar at the bank. I want you to know one last thing.

A year ago at this same bank, I inquired about buying the Dinar. They told me they did not sell the Dinar, nor did they intend to. I guess things have changed. ;)

F. Aug. 17 2017 12:38 pm EDT Iranian Rial moves way up in value: Screenshot of a Large Move with the Iranian Rial

G. Aug. 16 2017 8:50 pm EDT The Clarion Call, Yosef: The Clarion Call w/ Yosef, Showme Tonight at 9 PM EDT 8-16-17 206-402-0100 code: 921624# Internet site:

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 17, 2017

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Dinarland Highlights for August 17, 2017

Dinarland Highlights - 8.17.17

Walkingstick (KTFA)

...I believe there is confusion... regarding the "Independence Referendum" and "Article 140 Kirkuk Referendum"...They are 2 totally separate issues...The "Independence Referendum"...seeking independence, becoming an independent state... We have read many articles,...Including a release by the UN stating... It is illegal, not per their Constitution. Article 140 also known as the (Kirkuk Referendum ).. In an nut shell: Reverse the Arabization carried out under Saddam's rule, re-demarcation of the regional borders under the Baath in 1968 and further by Saddam...In turn deciding whether Kirkuk, Diyala, Ninawa and others fall within the Kurdistan regional borders, become part of the Kurdistan region...They must accomplish complete normalization of those regions and conduct a census of Kirkuk...Moving forward: conclude with a referendum in Kirkuk and the other disputed territories to determine the will of their citizens...Mind you.. This is, a very brief explanation...

Frank26 (KTFA)

[ have indicated no RV in Aug but are you still very positive about this year?]

...MY OPINION...OH %$#@! YES.


...the recent IMF Article IV is very important...Not only does it lay out the steps for the CBI, we are seeing the CBI take action in recent days as a result. In the last few days, we have seen in Iraq, the private banks continue training and the CBI announce a conference for AML...all recommendations from the IMF.

mike (Currency Chatter)

"The government and the central bank repacking world confidence of the Iraqi economy"

IF Iraq does what the IMF has advised them, the reserves will go up. Things like enforcing tariff's, reducing government payroll/expenses and diversifying the economy, all of which will reduce the need for the CBI to prop up the Iraqi economy and cause a loss of the reserves.


[Long time no see...glad you are feeling better!]

Hello America, ships at sea and all our world wide friends…I’m very pleased to be here…It’s been quite a ride for all of us…If we were cowboys we would all have saddle sores. Prayerfully, things have finally come to where we can have something to look forward to…I have some information tonight I wish to furnish from second from the top individual…and I am only furnishing the information I receive… I do not guarantee it’s contents but I’ll share with you what I’ve been told. I have been told that our rv will occur from 6 pm tonight [Wednesday] til 9 am in the morning. That will be the official time it will start. comes from a very good source. I can’t guarantee anything but it sounds wonderful to me...

Frank26 (KTFA)

[ the main event going to be down to any one event or a collection of the events at the same time?]


American Contractor

In the country of Yemen, the Central Bank of Aden has made a poor decision to float their exchange rate. We have dinar experts (I use that term used loosely) in the dinar community that think that the float in Yemen is a great idea. I can tell you that it is not. There are numerous groups and organizations that are against floating the currency and are asking others to follow suit and not follow the floating free market exchange rate. As it stands, there will be banks and ATM machines closing in Yemen, thanks to the corrupt practice of the Saudi supported Central Bank of Aden.

Adam Montana

[Has the CBI issued any holidays before or is this upcoming weekend the first time they have done so? A few of us were wondering if there wasn't something going on behind the scenes when it comes to it.]

The CBI issuing a holiday announcement is certainly intriguing. I can't tell you for certain if it's the first time, but... certainly intriguing, indeed.



tman23 (Dinar Updates)

It has been reported that the coalition will begin construction at the start of 2018...It is also when I suspect they will lift the 3 zeros at the start of they year, and by their words, this is when the fiscal year begins with banks and is the appropriate time for accounting purposes...Add those 2 scenarios together...Then possibly as they did back on October 15 2003 they released the new Iraqi dinar...logical to think this could be repeated with the "new lower denoms"...Then take it to the first of the year where they lift the 3 zeros...But the lower denoms would need a rate or be it's a brain teaser!

Chattels (Wealthwatch)

Kurdistan runs their own provincial elections. Baghdad sets elections for the Iraqi Parliament and provincial councils. Federal offices. Kurdistan has it's own Parliament, President and Prime Minister. Somewhat analogous to Federal and State government in the USA. Arguments between the Federal Government in Baghdad and the Regional government in Kurdistan center upon constitutional conflicts and interpretation not unlike here.

tman23 (Dinar Updates)

Article quote:
"Erbil is ready to postpone the referendum on the independence of Iraq’s Kurdish Autonomous Region if Iraq's central government fulfills a number of conditions, Iraqi media outlets write Aug. 17."

IF IT IS CANCELLED...THERE IS ONE ******* OF A DEAL MADE...AND IT WILL HAVE TO SHOW BEFORE THE 25TH...I just cant' figure Barzani's date of 9/25 for the vote...and then Nov 1 Kurd will hold another election for President etc...Why not place it all on the ballot at the same time Nov 1...This 9/25 date is weird and I suspect Barzani is holding not just Baghdad but other entities feet to the fire.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

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Dinarland Highlights for August 17, 2017

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RV Intel/Thoughts/News - All Posts for August 16, 2017

To The New Paradigm Stewardship On 8/17

To The New Paradigm Stewardship: Invitation : 
Organization, Strategy, Prototype Project Implementation -
Expanding All Stewardship For Effective Global Success ........

(Image: A view of the Earth from space with some sort of a cloud above it emitting blue energy waves upon the Earth.)

Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:
Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes & Knows & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:
Hello To The New Paradigm Stewardship, The 'Chosen Ones', & All The Great Humanitarian Contributors Who Are Awaiting This Unprecedented Opportunity To Generate The Most Significant Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Plans To The Benefit Of All :
We Cannot THANK YOU Enough, Dear Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes & Knows,
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Have Contributed To This Incredible FORUM With A Very Special & Exceptional THANKS
To Patrick of Dinar Chronicles For Making This All Possible. ~
We are almost there and have almost arrived at the Beginning of Our New Paradigm
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Private FORUM that is going to be absolutely critical and necessary for ALL Of Us ~
To Be Able To Successfully & Effectively " Pull This Off " ~ This New Paradigm
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Posts related to thoughts and suggestions on HOW Are We Ever Going To Truly
Get ORGANIZED Enough So That We " Chosen Ones " Can Effectively Really Do
The Best Job In The World At Developing and Implementing ALL The Humanitarian
Projects and Job Creation Projects Necessary To Transform Our Entire Earth Into
What It Should BE ? Not to mention make The Elders & AIIB Truly Pleased & Proud
Of Us & Those Troublesome NDA's & Their Performance & Compliance Clauses ~
Happily Granting Us All Unlimited Project Funds Forever! Well .... Here Goes .....
Everyone ~ We Are Looking For 'A Few Good Men' ~ In Fact, We Are Looking For
A Very Highly Special " Council Of The Light Stewardship " Of Advanced & Very
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Okay ..... We have been reading our minds and hearts out -!!- here on the incredible
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- successfully - 'without this being a disorganized free for all' - of " Chosen One ZIM
Holders " - scrambling to figure out how to effectively 'Save The Planet One Project
& Area' at a time and from SCRATCH !! We Already Have a Research & Development
Team that has Generated HUNDREDS of Great Project Ideas & Outlines READY To GO
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What Is The Most Imperative - IS NOW - That WE DO NOT Just Donate to Existing
Charities and Foundations - and that - MOST of ALL - That We DO NOT Fund The
Dark Side OR - The Cabal - Or ANY Of The - TOXIC - Unhealthy, Non-Integrated,
Un-Sustainable, Non-Organic Projects - That Are NOT Systemically Integrated For
The Best Interests Of The People, Animals & Our Entire Environment. So very many
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If you really think about some 25,000 ZIM Holders, and thousands more Currency
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Come On Everyone ~ This Is Far Too Important & We Cannot Mess This Up Or FAIL ~
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Godspeed Ahead ~
The Guardian
Managing Director
New Paradigm Stewardship Foundations
Private Venue Instructions To Follow :-)

Yes... Imagine This 'Herculean' Task Ahead Of Us.... Orchestrating The Very Best,
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This IS Going To BE - This IS Going To Take - A Massive Organization Feat Of :
Great Skill, Databases, Software & Encrypted Private Internet Intelligence.....
Imagine Coordinating Millions Of People Into Such Effective Success &.....
Remember..... It MUST All Be Done = Privately = All For High Security Reasons ~
As Our People & Projects & Plans Cannot Be Compromised by The Dark Side !!!
Please Realize The Sheer Magnitude Of All Of THIS & KNOW ~ There Are Many 
Good People Working Behind The Scenes To Make This Happen As Our Time & 
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Get Ready.... Be Present In The Here & Now ~ BE Positive Consciousness ~
We Are Almost There.... So BE Ready To Build Our Dreams Come True.....
Thank YOU ~ ALL ~ To The New Paradigm Stewardship ~ !! ~ ........ >>>
.......  In Good Humor ........  :-) 

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